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Terms & Conditions

The eTutoring Project is a collaboration by BC post-secondary institutions working together to create a collaborative online tutoring service to support their learners across the province.

In order to use the eTutoring online tutoring system and service, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This is your tutoring account and it is to be used for your work alone. You cannot submit or receive another person's assignments to eTutoring within this account.

  2. Your eTutoring account is considered part of your educational experience. The use of your account may not violate any of the rules and regulations of your institution, including plagiarism policies or copyright laws. Your account may not be used for any illegal activity.

  3. Please keep in mind that you are expected to bring the same academic comportment to this eTutoring online tutoring environment you would bring to any classroom. Your institution and the eTutoring online tutoring service reserve the right to remove any material that violates the above rules, including the removal of your entire eTutoring account if warranted.

  4. By creating this account, you verify that you are currently a registered or matriculated student in good standing with the institution selected on this page.

  5. The following information is required to have an account with the eTutoring system:

    Post-secondary Institution

    First Name

    Last Name

    Student email address

    User Name *

    Password (encrypted) *

    This information is required to provide service to you under the eTutoring system and to contact you in response to your request for service.

  6. **To minimize risk to inappropriate use of personal information, we recommend that you do not use the same username and password as used for other accounts.

    Optional Information

      • Mobile phone carrier and number (in order to receive text messages saying that tutor feedback has been uploaded to the system)
  7. Any information collected is under the authority of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact Denise Goudy, BCcampus Manager, Collaborative Services at 250-514-6700 or

  8. This information is collected, stored and protected by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, through BCcampus, who host the eTutoring system on behalf of the participating institutions providing the online tutoring service, and the post-secondary institutions participating in the service, according to the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act).

  9. All eTutoring sessions are retained for a period of one year for your reference and reporting needs, and for use by online tutoring staff and your institution for quality assurance purposes. Live chat sessions, when available, will be retained for a period of one year as well for quality assurance purposes, but will not be available for viewing in your student account. Should you choose to use the audio and/or video options within the live chat environment, please be aware that your image and voice will be recorded within the archived session in a video file.

  10. Any information you provide to use the eTutoring online tutoring service, including but not limited to the personal information provided, the content of eChat tutoring sessions, eQuestions, and writing or other assignments submitted for tutoring services, is done so voluntarily and may be accessed by tutors or eTutoring administrators at any participating institution for the purpose of providing the online tutoring service.

  11. Any information you provide to use the eTutoring online tutoring service, including but not limited to the personal information provided, may be used to evaluate the eTutoring online tutoring service.

  12. Technical support for the eTutoring application may be required from time to time and is provided by staff of BCcampus who may require access to information stored in the eTutoring database for the purpose of ensuring optimal system performance.

  13. Consent to use and disclose personal information as stated above is effective from the date the account is created until such time as you, the student, have been inactive with the eTutoring service for a minimum of twelve months.

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