Getting into creative writing can be fun for everyone. If you have students or children at home, or simply want to boost creativity among friends, here are some excellent lesson ideas to get better every day. Planning Is Key The creative writing process can be fun for everyone and planning is an important step. Planning is what willlet you know you’re on the right track, for that is better to set lessons chronologically and be organized on which topics to discuss. Start with the basics for easier understanding. Create Fun Topics While learning creative writing, set topics on the board so that everyone can getRead More →


Online learning has become important over the last months due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy over classroom learning and find out how pandemics condition one way of learning over the other. Advantages of Online Learning Vs. In-person Classroom Learning Online learning has proven to be better than in-person learning classes, but it has to be done right. The best way of getting important results is to take your own time and pace to do the learning. Combine those elements with a disciplined routine and a deep critical analytic approach of what you’re studying while having onlineRead More →


When looking for writing courses, you should seek for the one that meets your expectations the most depending on the area you want to develop. Take a look at these online writing courses and acquire excellent skills to succeed in any project. Create Successful Writing Habits On Skillshare’s free course, you will learn the fundamental ways to improve your writing. Simon Van Booy is going to teach you 6 valuable steps to become an excellent writer. This is a great course for both beginners and established writers. Writing Articles This is an excellent course for those engaging with business articles. Tom Geller teaches you howRead More →