About eTutoring Canada - About eTutoring Canada

When Jeffrey J. Thomas moved to Montreal after finishing college, he started to look for a job right away. Finally, he got a vacancy in a Human Resources business company as a Workforce development officer and stayed there for 4 years. That was the time he needed to get experience.

Right after Jeffrey planned to quit, he was already giving online coaching classes in his spare time. He kept thinking about the possibilities of having an online business. That’s when the global Coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

Big Opportunities

With the recent events that have been taking place with Covid-19, he ended up losing his job.And that was the beginning of a project that would develop into an exciting adventure.

After associating with some ex-coworkers, paying for a domain name, hosting provider, and reading a lot about project management, eTutoring Canada was born.

The next step was to recruit personnel who could collaborate with the webpage, by teaching classes, sharing their experiences, and helping people develop their writing skills. It was paramount to build a solid place that could help people to improve their writing and also others that wanted to teach them how to manage that.

Aims and Target

eTutoring Canada aims to help all teachers and students who now need to reinvent themselves, talking about the way we learn and how we teach nowadays. Our main target is peoplewho want to learn and improve writing skills differently, and teachers that want to use platforms and new strategies for online teaching.

If you feel like this is your area, please let us know in our contact section. Helping each other is what needs to remain during hard times like these.